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Silent Sentry Medical Backup Power Systems

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The Silent Sentry Medical Backup Power Systems

NOTE: Our stock show "Out Of Stock" but they are in stock made to order! Call with your power requirements and details. We can help you with the specifics of power requirements you need!

Silent Sentry medical emergency power system is designed to perfectly suit the needs of an Office-Based surgery suite build-out. The Silent Sentry is sized to accommodate the requirements of the mission critical equipment that is needed in to maintain patient safety if a power failure were to occur during a surgical procedure.

Instant Activation-
The Silent Sentry is a complete system, including batteries. An automatic transfer switch allows the system to activate instantly and automatically recharge for 24/7 protection. It connects to supply power either by hardwiring or via a standard extension cord. This means it may not require an electrician to install and can be recharged by cord-connection or hard-wiring to any outlet, generator or alternate power source.

Silent Sentry systems are 14” inches wide so they can be recessed between two standard 16" on-center wall studs to take up virtually no floor space which allows the system to be installed almost anywhere with-in the office floor plan. The Silent Sentry’s branch circuit protectors eliminate the need for installing a subpanel for critical-circuits. The system gets installed in the power line between Main Electric Panel and the Critical Load outlets in the OR and recovery areas. The utility power is routed through the System and also used to charge the storage batteries. In the event of a power outage its built-in transfer switch instantly switches from the utility power to battery power so that the power to the critical loads uninterrupted. Upon utility power restoration the system automatically restores power and recharges the batteries. The Silent Sentry’s modular battery compartments allow it to be easily adapted to fit the requirements of both larger and smaller surgery centers.


  • Space Conservative Design
  • Hardwire Systems
  • Plug & Play System
  • Noiseless
  • No Fuel Needed
  • Engineered for medical requirements
  • No Sub Panel Needed
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Designed to be customized
  • Architecturally-Friendly

Q: What makes the Medi+Products Medical Back-Up Power Systems Unique?
A: "Back-Up Medical Power Made Easy"
  • Medical Industry Knowledge
  • Space Conservative Designs
  • Hardwire Systems
  • Mobile – Plug & Play Systems
  • Noiseless
  • No Fuel Needed
  • Engineered to Requirements
  • No Sub Panel Needed
  • Can be installed Anywhere
  • Designed to be customized
  • Market Driven Design
  • Stainless Steel – “OR Compliant ”
  • Architecturally-Friendly

We know that "One size does NOT fit all", and that while we endeavor to maintain stock levels to provide rapid order fulfillment, we also design our products to be conformable to varying customer needs. To one client economics may be the top priority, while another may be focused on functionality, or a special configuration or physical size. The MEDI+Products team is about solving problems, saving money, and doing the right thing. Let our engineering and design and service group build your system to fit your exact needs.

We have approximately 20 different standard power configurations in stock ready to ship, and we can even provide special configurations to accommodate any special power requirement applications.

Contact us for discussion about your specific back-up power requirements and our experts will guide you through a hassle free back-up power recommendations and pricing suited to your medical back-up power needs.

PO Box 294
MT Clemens, MI. 48047

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