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Reel Traction Splint Leg Support System

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Reel Traction Splint Orthopedic Leg Support Immobilization Device New

It’s called a "splint system" because the Reel Traction Splint is something much more than just a traction splint. The legs of a professional dancer require flexion, extension, twisting, action and reaction. Translate these needs and flexibility into an articulating immobilizer and traction splint and you've begun to experience The REEL SPLINT SYSTEM.

The hinge is the focus, adaptability is the result. Whether a restrictive extrication or challenging knee immobilization, the Reel Splint System can be applied to any presenting limb aspect, regardless of deformity. Once applied, convenient cross member handles provide rescuer management capability and movable support straps allow enhanced wound monitoring and treatment options.

An attachable traction ratchet is supported by the patented Sure-form Ischial Pad that guarantees a custom fit and perfect bone end alignment for every patient, every time. Simply straighten the splint, insert the ratchet, and adjust the ischial pad and your traction ready.

The Reel Splint System's unique fold down storage design saves critical space; and logistically no other splint matches its' deploy-ability and performance efficiency. You'll also save on equipment costs and personnel training time. Our unique multi-component construction, backed by individual part replacement also means you'll never need to buy another splint.

Just as a dancer's performance can hinge on her flexibility, lack of flexibility can seriously limit yours. The Reel Splint System's dynamic hinge system and traction capability will give you that flexibility.

Features include:

  • Adult
  • Lower Extremity
  • Dual Hinged
  • Half Ring
  • Articulating
  • Long Bone Immobilizer
  • Aluminum and Corrosion Resistant Steel and Brass Construction
  • Contains Six Straps w/ Release Buckles
  • Removable Single-Operated Traction Mechanism
  • Folding Heel Stand
  • Hook and Pile Velcro Ankle Strap Closures
  • Padded Cross Members
  • Contoured Pivoting and Non displacing Ischial Pad
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual

  • Weight: with Traction Attachment - 9 lbs., without Traction Attachment - 7 lbs.
  • Length Compressed: with Traction - 39.25", without Traction - 25.25"
  • Length Extended: with Traction - 51", without Traction - 37"
  • Width: Prox - 9.75", Middle - 10.75", Distal - 8.50"
  • Stored: Length - 17.75", Width -10"
  • Extrication Handles - ideal for patient and extremity management
  • Wound Visualization & Treatment with strap design that allows complete & total access
  • Limb Repositioning - adapts readily for patient comfort or neuro-vascular restoration
  • Folding Design for Storage
  • Autoclavable
  • Elevation Stand is Pin Free - makes stand deployment, storage retractions & replacement simple
  • Single Hand Ratcheting Control - one medic can control both mechanical traction application & patient manual traction at the same time
  • Safety Traction Lock - when engaged, this lock feature disables the traction ratcheting knob, preventing any accidental loss of traction
  • Reel’s One-Size-Fits-All Ankle Hitch - saves time, money & training while providing a significantly improved neutral foot position result. The smaller profile “wrap around” design leaves pulse points accessible

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MT Clemens MI 48046

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