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New Impact Instrumentations 308M Suction Pump Aspirators

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New Impact Instrumentation 308M Suction Pump Aspirators

The Impact Model 308M is self-contained, general-purpose, suction apparatus designed for removing secretions from the upper airway or pharyngeal and/or tracheal suctioning procedures. A self-contained power supply permits operation from nominal 115 VAC, 50-400HZ, external 12 VDC (through a supplied Auto Power Cable) and internal rechargeable batteries. Batteries are rechargeable from the external 115 VAC source. A stepdown transformer module is provided for operation and battery recharge from nominal 220-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ.

The Model 308M  lower case assembly contains the vacuum pump, control and power supply circuits, a dual scale vacuum gauge with adjustable vacuum limiter, circuit breaker, collection canister, rinse bottle, accessories and attachment tubing. The complete device is housed within a high-density polyethylene case which includes latch-locks and carrying handle.

This device is intended for use in non-explosive atmospheres. Read the instructions contained within this manual before attempting to operate this instrument.

This unit comes complete with the following items:
1 ea. 308/308M Portable Suction Apparatus
1 ea. Assembly, Auto Power Cable
1 ea. Catheter, 14 French
2 ea. Suction Hose, Sterile, Clear, 6’ Long
1 ea. Stepdown Transformer (220-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ input; 110-120 VAC, 50/60 HZ output).
2 ea. Strap, Velcro/Webbed Nylon
1 ea. Hose, Clear, PVC, 9” Long
1 ea. Catheter, 18 French
1 ea. Rinse Bottle
2 ea. Instruction Manual, Operation & Service
New Batteries Installed Prior to Shipping
*One Year Warranty*

Dimensions: 13.5"W (34cm) x 10"H (25cm) x 6-1/8"D (15cm) Weight 13 lbs. 
Vacuum: Minimum 0 - 550 mm/Hg (0 - 22"/mercury). 
Collection Capacity: 680cc (.68 liter). 
Operating Time on batteries: 20 minutes on high and 60 minutes on low.  
Power Requirements 115V 50/60/400Hz/ Internal 12VDC powered 
New Battery Installed (New batteries will already be installed in your unit when you receive it. No installation necessary!)

We also have all the parts and manuals. Contact us if you need parts for you units. We also do repairs!

Walled Lake, MI. 48390

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