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MCM-535 Height Adjustable Straddle Table

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MCM-535 Height Adjustable Straddle Table


  • Heavy Duty 16-gauge #304 stainless steel construction.
  • 24"W x 60"L with a Leg Clearance of 52".
  • 1 1/2" revealed edge for the strongest table.
  • Square legs provide allow for increased fastening area for increase durability.
  • 3" ball bearing casters come standard.
  • Reinforcing channels welded into larger models for increased strength.
  • No open cavities to collect unwanted substances.
  • Height adjusts from 36"-56".

Available Sizes:
Item # MCM 530... 20"W x 36"L SS Height Adjustable Instrument Table, 28" Leg Clearance
Item # MCM 531... 24"W x 36"L SS Height Adjustable Instrument Table, 28" Leg Clearance
Item # MCM 532... 24"W x 48"L SS Height Adjustable Instrument Table, 40" Leg Clearance
Item # MCM 533... 46"W x 34"L SS Height Adjustable Instrument Table, 26" Leg Clearance
Item # MCM 535... 24"W x 60"L SS Height Adjustable Instrument Table, 52" Leg Clearance

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Walled Lake, MI. 48390

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Looking for the best quality MCM table attachments? MedMash is your destination for buying the best quality medical equipment and accessories online. Our MCM table attachments are designed for durability, efficiency and safety. It is an adjustable table  made of high-quality stainless steel and designed for medical facilities. It is easy to use, convenient and is designed to meet your specific needs.Finding the right medical accessories is very important for the safety of the patients and productivity of the medical team. With medical accessories like the MCM table, your medical facility will be well-equipped to handle any type of medical emergency.Our MCM tables At MedMash, we provide the best quality MCB tables attachment and it comes with
plethora of features, such as adjustable height, increased fastening area for increase durability, ball bearing casters and there are no open cavities for any substance to gather there. It is designed to ensure greater efficiency and ease of use. It is completely safe and fit for various types of medical facility.

Why Choose MedMash

When it comes to finding the best quality medical equipment, MedMash is your ultimate destination. It is operated by a Veteran who has served in the U.S armed forces and has a decade long experience in the medical field. So, it is not far-fetched to say that we are an expert in medical equipment and accessories. We strive to provide the best quality medical accessories like MCM table attachments at the lowest possible prices.
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