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2 Biomed Spring Activated IV Pressure Infusers

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2 Biomed Spring Activated IV Pressure Infusers

These units are designed to aid ambulance and helicopter recovery rescue personnel. The spring activated IV infusers free up vital staff on first arrival at an incident scene. They can be used in the field, for ground and air evacuation where quick infusion administration in pre-hospital care is needed. It can also be used in Clinics, Emergency Rooms and Hospitals where rapid infusion is needed.

The Biomed spring activated IV pressure infusers require "no power" and operate under their own spring activated pressure systems giving you the technician results in any situations. The IV pressure infusers require no IV pole, they do not require any personal to hold them, they can be activated and laid right at the patient's side, strapped to the patient gurney or any place with the patient that is convenient and safely out of the way.


  • The pressure infusion pack can be washed, disinfected and used time and time again.
  • Two groups of three fabric covered steel plates are fastened at one edge to a common hinge around which they can revolve.
  • By pulling the strap the two groups of three plates are pivoted to a closed position compressing the infusion collapsible container placed between the steel plates.
  • Once closed the Biomed Spring Activated Infusion Presser squeezes the infusion bag till empty.
  • Re-usable / Washable
  • Operations in temperatures from -25 deg C to +60 deg C
  • Consists of 6 metal curved plates in 2 groups of 3 plates covered w/nylon with a sleeve for holding intravenous bag; hinges on one side, webbing straps on opposite end for pulling to a closed position; includes buckles and clamps
  • Accommodates 500 to 1000 ml I.V. bags
  • Used for rapid fluid administration from collapsible plastic IV bags without the need of gravity.
  • For use In ambulances, helicopters, or other transportation vehicles, EMT Bags and Kits, First Responders, hospital and emergency room settings, veterinary rescue.
  • Used by our Military

NATO Stock Number: 6515-98-203-6848
NSN#: 6515-01-308-6380

Biomed Spring Activated IV Infusion Pressers for quick emergency fluid infusion admission in Pre-Hospital, Hospital, Clinics, Ambulances, Air Medivac, and anywhere patient fluid infusion is needed etc. Leave your IV Pole in the storage compartment and break out your spring activated IV infusion presser and leave your worries behind.

In this sale you are buying Two (2) Biomed Spring Activated IV Infusion Pressers

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