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Zoll Infusion Dynamics Power Infuser M100B-3A Complete Kit

Zoll Infusion Dynamics Power Infuser M100B-3A Complete Kit

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Zoll Infusion Dynamics Power Infuser Pump M100B-3A Complete Kit

Power Infuser 
12V Power Cord 
110V converter power cord 
Qty:10 Crystalloid and Colloid Cartridge and IV Sets 8700-0601-01 / sealed-mfg date  2008 no exp dates: Note: New boxes of Qty:10 Cartridges are available with usually a 2 week processing and shipping time. 
Styrofoam Case
Everything you see pictured (batteries not included) 

Controlled Delivery of IV Fluids and Blood

The Power Infuser® is the first portable electronic infusion pump designed explicitly for crystalloid and colloid IV fluid management. Small, durable, and easy to use. They can be used at the scene of an accident, during transport, or in the hospital, veterinary and clinical settings.
These Zoll Infusion Dynamics Power Infusers M100B-3A are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) medical devices made by Zoll/Infusion Dynamics.  

Controlled IV Boluses

The ZOLL power Infusers offer an unprecedented level of control over fluid administration to help you adhere to your protocols.

Controlled Delivery- 
Improve adherence to protocols; ensure adequate, but not excessive, hydration. 
Whether restoring intravascular volume during circulatory compromise or rapidly infusing a bolus during hemodynamic assessment, the Power Infuser allows unprecedented control of IV fluid and blood administration. Adjust flow rates from 0.2 to 6 liters per hour or activate the automated 250cc bolus feature.

Occlusion Detection-
Don't let a blown IV site or kinked line go unnoticed. 
With a unique downstream occlusion sensor, the Power Infuser responds to excessive resistance in the fluid path by switching to standby and activating an alarm. Head off complications that could arise from subcutaneous fluid build-up or an interruption in flow.

Patient Management-
An extra hand when you need it most.
Battlefield injuries. Mass casualty events. Critical care transport. Provide life-saving fluid resuscitation when a lack of personnel or room to elevate the bag impedes treatment. Avoid accidental infusion of air with unique membranes built into each crystalloid/ colloid pump cartridge. This twelve ounce AAA-battery-powered pump helps restore order to the chaos of today's emergency events.

Hands-free Fluid Resuscitation

Automated boluses, air elimination, occlusion detection, one-way valves, long battery life and quick set up combine to give you a helping hand when you need it most.

ZOLL Infuser Model M100B-3A Specifications:
PN (MPN 0040-0013) 
Pump M100B-3A 
Bolus Setting: 250 ml in 2.5 minutes
Continuous Flow Rate Settings: 0.2, 1, 2, 4 and 6 liters/hr
Accuracy: ±15%
Pump Type: Shuttle mechanism (patent no. 5,577,891)
Free Flow: Allowed if fluid source is above patient
Retrograde Flow: Prevented by valves
Alarms: Air in line (after filter in crystalloid/colloid cartridge),
downstream occlusion, low battery
Air Alarm Trigger: Bubble of approximately 20 µl or larger
Occlusion Alarm Trigger: Approximately 20 PSIG (1000 mm Hg)
Power Source: 6 AAA batteries or 12-15 V DC adapter
Typical Battery Life at 6 lph: Approximately 8 hours
Weight of Pump with Batteries: 330 grams
Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.0 x 5.0 cm

Crystalloid and Colloid Cartridge and IV Set;
Part No. 0040-0050 Get the cartridges at Zoll 1-800-348-9011 Sold in boxes of 10
Compatible fluids: Crystalloid or colloid IV fluids
Incompatible fluids: Medications, blood products and non-ionic fluids
Priming volume – cartridge: 7cc
Priming volume – cartridge and 18" segment: 10cc
Inlet connector: Female Luer
Outlet connector: Male locking Luer
Air elimination method: Hydrophilic filter / hydrophobic vent
Filter pore size: 1.2 microns
Weight: 30 gms
Dimensions: 4.6x9.7x1.3 cm

Blood Cartridge and IV Set;
Part No. 0040-0051 (not included in this sale) Get the cartridges at Zoll 1-800-348-9011 Sold in boxes of 10
Compatible fluids: Whole blood, RBCs, plasma, crystalloid or colloid IV fluids
Incompatible fluids: Medications and non-ionic fluids
Priming volume – cartridge: 7cc
Priming volume – cartridge and 18" segment: 10cc
Inlet connector: Female Luer
Outlet connector: Male locking Luer
Air elimination method: None (use IV set with drip chamber and blood filter)
Weight: 30 gms
Dimensions: 4.6x9.7x1.3 cm

Device passes Air Force tests with flying colors

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA (June 11, 2003) - The US Air Force has pronounced the Infusion Dynamics Power Infuser® "safe-to-fly." Air Force medics can now use the miniature rapid infusion pump for life-saving intravenous fluid resuscitation while transporting patients in fixed-wing USAF aeromedical evacuation aircraft.

Proclaimed airworthy a year ago by the US Army, the Power Infuser required additional testing to earn its Air Force wings. The pump successfully completed all tests conducted by the Aeromedical Test Branch (ATB) at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas. The 311 Human Systems Program Office issued the "safe-to-fly" report.

The Zoll Infusion Dynamics M100B-3A currently sells directly from Zoll for $1995.00 each for the power infuser only!

These Zoll Power Infusers M100B-3A are OEM (original equipment manufactured medical devices and are in there original sealed packaging. Designed for human and veterinary use.

The cartridges are available at Zoll in boxes of 10. Here is the contact telephone where you can order cartridges: Zoll Medical; 1-800-348-9011

PO Box 294
MT Clemens MI 48046

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