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Chison Q-6 Series Portable Shared Service Ultrasound System

Chison Q-6 Series Portable Shared Service Ultrasound System

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Chison Q-6 Series Portable Shared Service Ultrasound System

The Chison Q6 is the compact and stable portable color Doppler ultrasound system, which is designed to work in all clinical environments - from small private clinic to the patient bedside in the hospital or emergency room.
It delivers superb image quality for multi-applications of abdomen, OB/GYN, small parts, and especially complete cardiovascular functionality, comprehensive cardiac measurement and analysis package.

A work-flow oriented User Interface is built to allow user-friendly operation with minimum soft key entry. Ergonomically design of keyboard, 15 inch LCD large display, double probe connectors, USB and DICOM connectivity make your scan FAST and EASY, and allow you to focus more on your patients.

Professional Clinical Applications
-Vascular and Small Parts

Q6 Standard Configuration Includes:
- Main Unit with 15" LCD Monitor + 2 Probe Connectors
- 3.5 MHz Convex Probe D3C60L
- 7.5 MHz Linear Probe D7L40L
- 320GB Hard Disk and 2 USB Ports
- B, 2B, 4B, B/M, B/BC, CFM, PW, HPRF, Power Doppler/Directional PD, Instant Triplex, Duplex, Trapezoidal, Panoramic, Chroma B&M&PW
- Super Image Module: I-image, (image optimization), SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm), THI, Compound Imaging
- Extended Cardiac Package: CW, ECG Module, Free Steering M, TDI, IMT
- Measurement & Calculation Software Package: General, OB & GYN
- Double Phase Digital Beam Forming (DPDBF)
- Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI)

Additional Options Include: 
- DICOM 3.0
- Foot Switch
- Sony UP897MD B&W Video Printer
- Portable Cart Trolley
- Aluminum Carry Case

Available Transducer Probes:

D3C60L 3.5 MHz Convex Transducer
Applications: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Regional nerve block, Procedure and Biopsy guidance

D7L40L 7.5 MHz Linear Transducer
Applications: Breast, small parts, nerve, vascular, venous access, musculoskeletal, biopsy guidance

D5C20L 5.0 MHz Micro Convex Transducer 
Applications: Abdominal, Urology, vascular?Pediatric cardiology, pediatric abdominal, neonatal heads

D6C12L 6.0 MHz Trans-vaginal Transducer 
Applications: Obstetrics, gynecology

D3P64L 3.0 MHz Phase array (Adult)
Applications: Cardiac, abdominal, obstetrics 

D6P64L 6.0 MHz Phased Array Transducer (Pediatrics)

D6C15L 6.0 MHZ Pediatric Micro Convex Transducer

4.0 MHz Convex Transducer
7.5 MHz Linear Transducer
10 MHz Linear Transducer
7.0 MHz Trans-Vaginal Transducer
7.5 MHz Intra-Operative
5.0 MHz TEE (Adult) The TEE Prove is passed down through the mouth, down the back of the throat and into the esophagus. This allows the Doctor to examine the heart and valves through a clear image of the heart since the heart and esophagus are close together with no structures in between. 

2 Year Warranty on Main Unit

FDA Certified / CE Approved  

Contact us for your specific needed configurations and prices. 

PO Box 294
MT Clemens, MI. 48046
Phone: 1-586-212-0903


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